The UM Conflict of Interest (COI) in Research policy is designed to promote objectivity in research, scholarly and educational activities, by establishing standards that provide a reasonable expectation that the design, conduct, and reporting of such activities will be free from bias resulting from individual financial and obligatory conflicts of interest.

The policy applies to UM Investigators: all faculty, staff, trainees and students, (as well as external subcontractors/ subawardees) who could perform research and sponsored scholarly and/or educational activities, and stipulates that all “project/activity/contract team members” must complete the disclosure process before engaging in research.

In addition, all full-time faculty, University of Miami Medical Group members, and Miller School faculty members who could provide clinical or teaching services for UHealth must disclose their OPAs to UM by the end of each calendar year.

Until recently, interests were submitted to UM by faculty, investigators and clinicians through the Disclosure Profile System (DPS), but UM has upgraded to the new UDisclose System.

The UDisclose System offers several features not available in the DPS, including:

  • Compatibility with all web browsers: UDisclose works on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and others
  • A simplified disclosure certification process
  • Integration with the IRB7 system for Human Subject Research (HSR) projects
  • Integration with the CITI Program to display the date that a user last completed UM’s “Conflict of Interest Course”
  • Clear indication of the review status of a disclosed interests
  • Ability to designate a UDisclose Proxy to assist with certifications
  • Integration with IBIS Research, enabling PD/PIs (or their proxies) to designate team members only to new or competing renewal research project certifications
  • C Numbers are not needed to designate team members to projects
  • Clear indication of certification status of team members on projects
  • Succinct email messages with links directly to the pending certification within the UDisclose System
Accessing the UDisclose System

Please note that you must have a CaneID and eProst account to login to the application:

  • Questions about CaneID should be directed to the CaneID help desk
  • Questions about eProst should be directed to the eProst Help Desk (eprost@med.miami.edu or 305‐243‐2314)
  • Access the UDisclose System at http://udisclose.miami.edu.
Contact Us

If you have questions on how to use the UDisclose System, please call the UDisclose System help line at (305) 243-0877.