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The University of Miami (UM) is among the nation’s leaders in promoting transparency in our external relationships and sponsored activities. As an academic institution, we must comply with an increasing number of regulations, including those from the Federal Public Health Service (PHS).

Since we receive PHS funds, UM is responsible for educating faculty, staff, and trainees both on the nature of financial Conflicts of Interest (COI) and on UM’s COI policy and procedures. All investigators are required to complete COI training prior to engaging in research or externally-funded educational activities, at least every four years.

UM uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program for those needing to complete the required training.

Before initiating UM’s COI training, users should:

  • Ensure that their CITI profile information is correct including the accuracy of their “C numbers”. If a user’s CITI profile does not have an accurate C number, he/she will not receive credit for having completed the training.
  • Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement

To satisfy the training requirement you must read the COI module entitled The University of Miami Conflict of Interest Review: Policy and Process, and answer a short series of questions, scoring at least 80% correct. The Office of Disclosures & Relationship Management (DRM) will be notified of your successful completion of this COI training. However, you should retain a copy of the completion report for your records.


Log into the CITI program

Once logged into the CITI system, the required COI training entitled “Conflict of Interest Course” is accessed by clicking the link “Add a course or update your learner groups for the University of Miami/Jackson Health System.”


Please contact the CITI Help Desk for additional assistance:


Support Materials

If you have questions on how to complete the COI training through the CITI program, please refer to the following document:


Contact Us

If you have questions about the content of UM’s training on COI, UM’s COI policy or interest review process, please call the Office of Disclosures & Relationship Management  (DRM) at (305) 243-0877.