Disclosures & Relationship Management (DRM)

The University of Miami is fully committed to maintaining objectivity in research and upholding the highest scientific and ethical standards in a manner that assures the integrity of the scientific record. 

Under the purview of the Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship, Disclosures & Relationship Management (DRM) provides administrative support for the University of Miami COI Committee, as well as management of the UDisclose System.

In order to comply with the University of Miami’s conflict of interest (COI) in Research policy, all investigators (anyone who could be involved in the design, conduct or reporting of sponsored activities) are required to complete the following components:

Complete an online training entitled “Conflict of Interest Course” on the nature of (COI's) and on UM’s specific COI updated policy and procedures. To ensure investigators can complete the required training as efficiently and conveniently as possible, UM is employing the CITI Program which is accessible online at any time. Users should plan to allot about 15 minutes for each of the three training modules. Directions on how to update your C number and complete the required COI CITI training are available on the CITI section of the UDisclose website.

Disclose interests to the University. Each Investigator must disclose activities and financial interests related to his/her institutional responsibilities through the UDisclose System. Our UDisclose page contains additional information and answers to frequently asked questions to help users maneuver through the system.

University interest review and COI management

Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to attend a seminar. Registration is available through ULearn (keyword search “conflict of interest”). These seminars supplement the training delivered through the CITI system. As such, these training seminars alone DO NOT fully satisfy the federally mandated training requirement for Investigators involved in research or externally sponsored scholarly activities.

Please register for the seminars and webinars through ULearn. Contact the University of Miami Information Technology Department at 305-284-6565 Option 1, then 5 for more information on the ULearn system.

The DRM offers seminars on COI's in research that provides attendees with:

  • A refresher on the University COI in Research policy and process for identifying interests that may pose a conflict in regards to potential COI in research or externally funded scholarly activities
  • A review of the federal COI regulations
  • Identify the systems involved in the University’s disclosure and review process
UDisclose System Training

The UDisclose website contains directions, tip sheets and answers to FAQs to help users maneuver through the UDisclose system. Group training is offered via seminars and interactive online webinars, and personalized training can be obtained during the DRM’s “walk-in” open office hours in the Dominion Tower.